Pictured right is the incredible Super HL5 Plus loudspeaker in Eucalyptus finish.  It uses the radial 2 midrange/bass driver and has an upgraded crossover over the previous version. For many music lovers, this model Harbeth is the perfect speaker and all you will ever need.  Harbeth’s radial 2 midrange/bass driver and the size of the cabinet are perfectly matched, providing wonderful bass detail and ease that simply lets the music flow.  Listening to your favorite music on this speaker is a wonderful experience.

What can be said about Harbeth speakers that hasn’t already been written by reviewers? We have the P3ESR, SHL5 Plus, and M30.1 and the M0.2 on Demo. Some models are also in stock.

Learn more about Harbeth speakers by coming in for an ear opening audition. Wellington Audio has the following Harbeth Speakers in inventory available for immediate delivery.             

  • P3ESR - Black Satin
  • Super HL5 Plus - DEMO.
  • Monitor 30.1 - DEMO
  • Monitor 30.2 - 40th Anniversary SN: 40thX339L

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