Absolute Headphone Amp

MABHPA B=Black C=Copper S=Silver

Feature Rich! This stunning new design uses a quartet of 6AQ5A output

tubes which can be run in Push-Pull or Single-Ended mode. Global feedback can be adjusted on the fly for an infinite pallet of sonic pre- sentation. Multiple input choices, selectable headphone impedance loading, and treble and bass EQ control provide extreme flexibility. Precision stepped relay attenuator operates from sexy horizontal wheel or from included RF remote control. Unit operates as full-functioned preamplifer also. With its universal power supply allowing it to oper- ate anywhere in the world, robust build quality and breathtaking audio playback, the Absolute Headphone amplifier is at home absolutely any- where, from a cozy listening room, to your bedside, on your office desk, or as a reliable workhorse in a professional recording studio. 

Retail Price:  $4999

Stingray II


itube wood

The Manley Stingray stereo integrated amplifier has been renewed and refreshed. New for 2009 we present to you the Stingray iTube integrated tube amplifier with iPod dock and full featured RF and IR remote control.EveAnna Manley and her engineers added a number of features to the Stingray iTube. It’s a real tube bargain using EL-84’s putting out a solid 50 watts a channel while maintaining it’s dual mono design. 

Retail Price:  $7299


Talk about leading the pack! The Steelhead is regarded as one of the world’s best phono preamps. It lets you “dial-in” the perfect load for your moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Finally, the freedom you need to stop thinking about which phono preamp works best with your latest cartridge. It may also be the only preamp you will ever need if you use vinyl and cd as your only sources. If for some reason you need more inputs the Skipjack below is the perfect affordable solution.    Retail Price:  $9899


Following on the heels of the Steelhead, the Chinook offers the same clean and quiet audio circuit. It has less inputs but much of the same flexibility for setting the perfect parameters for you cartridge including both moving magnet and moving coil.  Once set up you can simply enjoy your music. The price is amazing for a product of this calibre.    Retail Price:  $2899



Always fresh, never frozen! (they said that, I didn’t)

The Manley Snapper, EveAnna’s personal choice to drive her Tannoys and ATC’s. Using parallel push-pull EL-34’s and providing 100 watts of power; it seems to be the perfect mono-block amplifier for most of today’s speakers, including electrostatics.  The 19 layer output transformers are wound at Manley’s Chino, CA factory, as are all the output transformers used in their amplifiers. 

Retail Price:  $9399

                     Jumbo Shrimp

The short, simple, minimalist signal path delivers high dynamic

range with prodigious output drive capability. Its focus is on high bandwidth, low noise, modest local negative feedback and low distortion - voiced for a clean musical performance. The White Follower stage using 5670 dual triodes effortlessly drives the passive interstage volume control. Quick, alive, transparent with good rhythm and extension. RF Remora Remote control included. You need to hear it to appreciate it.

Retail Price: $4599

MAHI Monoblocks

The chassis design is like a mini-Snapper. And of course they come standard as a pair so you get.... "Mahi-Mahi". I believe the MANLEY MAHI's give a lot of value for an affordable price and I think you will be surprised at just how big these little guys sound. The EL84 tubes are tight, fast, and deep. 20 watts in triode and 40 watts in Ultralinear Mode.

Retail Price: $5999

I have every product you see on my website available for demo purposes.  Please call and arrange for an in-home trial.  You’ll be pleased with what you hear and just as importantly, should you decide Manley is what you are looking for, you will be spending your dollars supporting an American company.

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