In the words of Bob Neill, JMR’s distributor and good friend… "JM Reynaud speakers are the most congenial, least confined, least repressed speakers I know of. They pursue the natural warmth, body, and immediacy that give many listeners their chief emotional charge from music. There is also, especially with the latest generation of Reynaud Jubilees, greater transparency and a sense of spatial magic.” Bob is much better with words than me but since I completely agree with his assessment I thought you deserved to hear it from him.

IMG 1407

The JMR Absicca’s. This is an earlier version, not the current Jubilees.

IMG 1409

Above, is the Orféo Supreme, in cherry stained anigree

Both of these speakers are have the JMR signature sound and can be heard and purchased at Wellington Audio. Call for a demonstration.


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